Everybody wants it because "They're not making any more of it!"

Buyer or Selling Land and or Farms can be challenging if you don't have a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent. This is imperative!! RE/MAX Partners of Louisburg are highly trained in farms and vacant land transactions. Let us be your guide. 

An acre can be any tract of land comprising 43,560 square feet. A square acre would be 208.71'X208.71'. 

To determine the acreage of a particular tract of land, you would simply multiply the width x depth to determine the square footage and then divide by 43,560. For example, you have a tract of land that is 250 feet wide and 550 feet deep. Simply, 250x550=137,500 square feet divided by 43,560=3.15 acres.

In more rural area, it is common for locals to speak of their "Back Forty", or the quarter section of ground they may own. Instead of us trying to explain this, it will be much more informative if you can click on the link below. But before you do, we would be obtuse if we did not discuss some other important matters with respect to farms and land. When purchasing farms or land, it would behoove you to ask some pertinent questions such as: Has there been a recent survey? Are the mineral rights included? Are there any easements or encroachments? What utilities are available to the property? What is the zoning status? What is the usage? The Public Land Survey System in Kansas

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